Our Classes

We offer several services, to provide our clients with the type of experience they desire. Whether looking for a group class, on-on-one instruction, myofascial release, or a personalized package, Aull Pilates staff and partners can meet your needs.

Group Reformer

Provides an inspiring, encouraging environment that is designed to take you to the next level of your practice. 4 people maximum per class. Prior Reformer experience is required.

Pilates Mat Class

Is a great class for everybody! This class, based on the mat work of Joseph Pilates, provides proper instruction and modifications in order to challenge the most advanced but also be appropriate for novices.

TRX Body Suspension Training

TRX Classes offer a total body workout using your body weight as resistance. Challenging for any fitness level, beginner to advanced. Aull Pilates TRX classes apply all the Pilates Principles to create a workout that provides, core strength, stability, balance as well as strength. You'll be amazed at what your body can do!
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Roller Define & Release

Combine self-massage with a killer core workout in this class designed for all fitness levels. Incorporating the foam roller into Pilates exercise, this class helps to improve posture and body symmetry, as well as challenge core strength and balance. The roller is also used to release tight fascia, increase blood flow and rejuvenate your body while simultaneously strengthening your core. Roll your way through this one of kind workout!

Booty Barre

Booty Barre is an energetic, fun workout that fuses dance, Pilates and Yoga and will tone, define and sculpt the entire body. Booty Barre is a great combo of strength and flexibility with added cardio to burn fat fast!

30 Minute Jumpboard

This time efficient calorie burning, low impact Jumpboard class will elevate your heart rate and strengthen and tone your legs and core in just 30 minutes! Optional 10 minute foam rolling to follow the 30 minutes on the jumpboard...your legs will appreciate it!

Pilates Mat + Foam Roller

This class will combine contemporary Pilates Mat techniques with the rejuvenating qualities of Foam Roller. A perfect class for anyone hoping to reap the benefits of Foam Roller (release tight fascia, increase blood flow, etc) but without the pressure of spending an entire hour on it! Incorporating the foam roller into Pilates Mat helps to improve posture and body symmetry, as well as challenge core strength. Through the use of modifications, this class is appropriate for beginners while also being challenging to the most advanced student. No experience required.